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Affordable Housing Development Competition – Student Registration

Welcome to the student registration page, which is designed to identify your skills and interests to facilitate team formation. It is imperative that you attend at least one of the first introductory sessions to learn about the competition and complete this student registration. The student coordinating committee will use this information to help students form teams.

Applicants will receive information on all participants before the second introductory session, when students will continue to form teams. If you have questions about the process, please contact student coordinating committee members Maura Barry-Garland, Harvard University—Graduate School of Design (mbarrygarland@gsd.harvard.edu), Angela Gile, Harvard University—Graduate School of Design (agile@gsd.harvard.edu), or Alan Sage, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Department of Urban Studies (asage@mit.edu).

The competition is geared primarily for and by graduate students. Advanced undergraduates may be able to participate and have done so successfully in the past. The Affordable Housing Development competition (AHDC) requires significant time and energy. Students can expect to spend on average 15 hours a week developing their proposals. For undergraduates interested in participating in the AHDC, there are additional requirements. Undergraduates must enroll in an affordable housing development, finance, and management course or submit a brief essay for admission to the competition (see the last question below on the student registration).

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Degree Program:*
Please select the appropriate degree from the list below. If you are receiving joint degrees, please review the list to see if your joint degree is included below (e.g. Master in City Planning and Master of Science in Real Estate Development degree candidate). If not, please select “Other” and specify the joint degree title. If your degree is not listed below, please select “Other” and specify the degree title.


Relevant Courses:*

Please rate your level of familiarity with the following topics:

Greater Boston Area Low-Income Housing
Community/Citizen Participation
Construction Methods
Housing Policy
Housing Finance (e.g., Low Income Housing Tax Credits, HUD programs, below-market-rate loans, etc.)
Housing Laws
Real-Estate Development, including Pro Formas

Please describe briefly your professional experience related to real-estate planning or development and to affordable-housing development, in particular:

Please list the dates, times, and nature of any major school-related scheduling conflicts that will affect the majority of your team:

For Advanced Undergraduates Only:

1) Why do you want to compete in the Affordable Housing Development Competition?, and 2) What skills and experience will you bring to the competition?








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Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston

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Boston Society of Architects/AIA

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